SMAC is primarily designed to record simple to moderately complex accounting transactions.
It is built to reduce the efforts and time required by accountants to do basic book keeping and accounts preparation.
It also allows the accountants and their clients to store and share information using our file uploading feature on a single platform.
It can also be used simultaneously between accountants and their client by adding multiple users.



Khadeja Sajjad

Co. Founder & IT Manager

Student at Loughborough University


Khadeja is currently a student at Loughborough University. She is in the Second year of her course, BSc Hons in Computer Science. She has completed her A-levels from Italy. She has been working with Smac since the initial idea. Is one of the programmers who developed this Web App and also created the Database for the system. She will be responsible for the maintenance of the website and also add new features to the website, as required in the future. Has a great passion in coding and looking for a great career in the field Read more/less


Usman Amjad

CEO & Co. Founder

Expert and experienced in accounting.


Usman is an accounting and finance professional who has worked in a London based accounting firm for 5 years specialising in accounts preparations, Tax computations and financial analysis. He came up with the initial idea of Smac and has been working rigorously with his software engineers to develop this intelligent software which will help in further digitalizing small accounting firms. Currently, he is responsible for writing rules for upcoming features such as Making Tax Digital (MTD), built-in Financial Analysis, and third- party app integration. Read more/less


M. Hamza Sajjad

Co. Founder & IT Manager

Student at Loughborough University


Hamza is a Computer Science student in second year at Loughborough University. He has got diploma in Computer Science from Italy. His passion for coding and software development drove him to work around the clock along with Khadeja to develop the database and the website. He will be responsible for maintaining SMAC and for developing new features. Read more/less