1. Introduction

1.1 These terms of use are written to help our customers/subscriber/users understand their legal rights and obligations. We expect that before you proceed to register or purchase any subscription, you go through these terms and any other relevant policies available on our website.

1.2 If you don’t understand any of the terms, please contact us for clarification. You cannot use our services without agreeing to all of our terms.

2. Phishing and Scam Prevention

2.1 Please note that our ONLY domain is ''. If you get any email from any other domain you MUST ignore it.

2.2 Our holding company name is Smac Links Limited (Ltd) and our services are most commonly offered under our display (Brand) name ‘Smac’. We may also use the word ‘Smac’ interchangeably when we are referring to Smac Links Ltd.

2.3 If you receive any correspondence that does not come directly from our official emails, which becomes a cause of any personal, physical or financial damage, Smac will not take any liability.

3. Registering with Smac

3.1 Our relationship with you: when we say ‘you’ or ‘your’, we are referring to anyone associated with Smac either through registration or/and subscription.

3.2 Our relationship with you is contractually binding. Once you are registered with us, or subscribed to create organisation(s), you are liable to adhere to all of our terms and conditions.

4. Your rights and responsibilities

4.1 Once you register or create an organisation after registration, it is your responsibility to protect your password and account from any third party.

4.2 If you feel that your personal data has been breached, you can report it to us and we will take necessary actions to prevent any damages.

4.3 We advise you to keep a physical record of all data recorded on Smac at all times. We do not take responsibility of any data loss from our side or from third party as we can never eliminate the risk of using online services completely.

4.4 You can use all the features that come with your subscription for as long as you are subscribed. Once your subscription is expired or cancelled, you will not be able to add any data to that organisation. Your organisation will go into archived section and you will only be able to view the existing data.

4.5 You are responsible for managing your subscription payments. If you fail to pay for subscription, Smac reserves the rights to terminate your contract and block you from using our services in future.

4.6 Any misuse of our services noticed by us, or reported to us by any other entity can lead to termination of your contract and potential legal proceedings.

4.7 Purpose of providing our services is for you to record, store, summarise, share and analyse any financial information that belongs to you.

4.8 It must be noted that Smac Links Ltd owns everything that has been provided on the website unless stated otherwise. You agree not to copy, distribute, modify or make derivative works of any of our content or use any of our intellectual property rights in any way not expressly permitted by us.

4.9 The services offered to you are protected by copyright and intellectual property law. You must only use the services for the purpose described above. Violation of this purpose or for that matter any of the terms mentioned on our website, can lead to contract termination and legal proceedings.

5. Subscription and Pricing

5.1 A monthly subscription is chargeable on the number of organisations a user creates.

5.2 A subscription commences from the date an ‘Organisation’ is created.

5.3 Once a user has created an organisation, he will also be called a ‘subscriber’ or ‘customer’ as they would have agreed to a subscription fee for creating that organisation starting from that date.

5.4 If a User buys rights to create multiple organisations then the subscription for individual organisations will start only when it is created unless agreed otherwise in a contract.

5.5 If a user does not pay the subscription fee, then he may lose the right to manage or add information within an organisation account.

5.6 A user can cancel the subscription any time they like, however no refund will be given to a user if the payment has already been taken even if the month for which that subscription belongs to has not finished.

5.7 A user can buy multiple subscriptions through price negotiations which forms a contractual agreement once agreed by both sides. However, if a contract is not negotiated at the point of purchase, our standard terms and conditions would be deemed to be in place in case of a contractual dispute.

5.8 If a user archives an organisation it means he has cancelled their subscription for that organisation and is not liable to pay for a subscription against that organisation from that date. However, he will have to contact smac support team for the permission to create additional organisation or to reinstate the archived organisation.

5.9 If a user holds multiple subscriptions within the same user account, and wishes to add additional user to a particular organisation, then the additional user will only be able to view and work on the organisation he has been added against.

5.10 If a user invites an additional user (book-keeper, advisor or accountant etc.) to work on an organisation, then that additional user does not have to pay additional subscription charges.

5.11 The additional user will have access to that organisation until the organisation has been archived by the primary user, or unless the primary user removes him from the list of users.

6. Using your personal data

6.1 Data related to your company is protected under Data Protection Act 2018 in the UK, GDPR rules under EU Law, and other protocols will be in place for all other countries to comply with their individual legislations.

6.2 If your country has different rules than mentioned above, we will comply with those additional rules alongside these existing rules.

6.3 As we are a service hosting company, if you enter any personal or financial data into our systems, you automatically grant us permission to use it. Although your data is protected at all times, we may use it for our purposes which include (but not limited to) backups, storage, analysis etc.

6.4 Our data processing terms may also apply to other information and entities which may include (but not limited to) your suppliers, customers, your tax information, leasing agreements, insurance agreements, etc.

7. Confidentiality

7.1 As mentioned in the previous text, our integrity is determined by our privacy and security policies. Hence adhering to confidentiality from our side and from your side is pivotal to our existence. We assure that we take all necessary and reasonable steps to protect your confidentiality. We expect the same from you in return.

7.2 Please note that your confidential information may be shared only if required by the law, regulatory authorities, or by your consent.

8. Maintenance of our online services

8.1 Smac uses online cloud servers from third party to store all data. Our hosting providers are one of the reputed companies with Europe and their up time is as high as 99.9%. There can be rare instances where our hosting servers are down for a short period of time for the purpose of maintenance. Our service may also be temporarily paused if we are updating our database with new features. We don’t take any responsibility or liability arising from any down time caused by our host or by ourselves. Nevertheless, we will always try to minimise your inconvenience arising from such instances.

9. Disclaimers, liabilities and indemnity

9.1 All services provided by Smac are usable at your own risk. We provide our services on “as is.” Basis to the extent permitted by law and Smac, and its third-party provider. Smac disclaims all warranties (which include but not limited to) our services being free from any bugs, free from breach through interception (virus, trojans, errors), etc.

9.2 To the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law (for example civil law and tort law), we exclude ourselves (which includes Smac Links Ltd, its affiliates and suppliers) from any liability arising from any damages (including but not limited to) arising directly or indirectly, or consequential or incidental. Damages arising from (but not limited to) misrepresentation, data corruption, break in communication, internet security breach, etc. will also be excluded from our liabilities.

9.3 Once you register or buy subscription with Smac, you agree to indemnify us and any associated parties arising from use of our services or breach of our contractual agreement.